Skira’s roundabout project officialy inaugurated on 3rd May 2017

The biggest roundabout in Croatia has a surface area of 15,000 square meters and it marks the main entrance to the City of Pula. Obviously, because of its size this turned out to be a very unusual infrastructural project. The object of illumination was clearly missing, and simply placing regular poles for street lighting purposes was not a satisfactory solution for this project – an architectural construction needed to be invented for the purpose of lighting. This roundabout is, in fact, an efficient rainwater drainage system so it was only natural to include water as one of the main elements besides light in the project solution. The drivers and pedestrians mainly see the outer ring so the aesthetics were based on an elegant, circular construction of 340 white poles, a sort of crown that releases water vapor collected in this drainage system, which is then colored by light beams of all nuances and intensities creating a spectacular sight.

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