Hendrix Bridge project published in Lux review

One of the bridges, the green railway bridge is very special for the citizens. A long time ago some brave graffiti artist who happened to be fans of Jimmy Hendrix wrote HENDRIX on the center of the 300-meter long supporting steel beam about 30 meters above the river. Since then the Green Bridge it has been called the Hendrix Bridge. The idea was to enhance the steel structure using linear white light, following the form of the beams or columns. Simply light that shows its existence at night. But when the train approaches, a radar registers the moving machine and the lighting of the bridge shut down. The bridge disappears. The train becomes the protagonist and the central moving object. RGB reflectors carefully positioned to light up both sides of the train switch on. Colored light follows the train and once the train is gone, all the colors disappear and the simple white light illuminates the green bridge again. The colorful dynamic light can be seen by chance or if you follow the train schedule. The lighting effect was designed to emphasize the main function of this bridge, which is the railroad traffic.


Watch our video made by Danijel Bartolic and edited by Marin Juranic on our youtube channel.