Dean Skira to Participate at the Light in Agora LIRC + IALD in Milan

During the Milano Design Week, as a part of the Light in Agora event, don't miss the "Find your Light - Building Awareness and Equal Opportunities for Education and Careers in Lighting" panel discussion.

Light in Agora

“Light in Agora” event, as an International Day of Light official part of the programme,  will be a physical and virtual hub, where professionals and non-professionals alike, can experience and communicate “light”. The curators will engage the Italian and International Lighting community hosting panel discussions, gatherings and workshops, for professionals and for the general public.

“No matter where in the world you reside, the importance of creating opportunities for lighting professionals is undeniable. And it all starts with education, not just educating those who have chosen lighting as a career path. Education needs to begin much earlier, creating an awareness of the importance of light and the industry that supports it.

Join us for this LIRC member meeting and Panel discussion featuring Andrea Hartranft, FIALD, President-Elect, USA; Dean Skira, IALD, Croatia; Paul Ehlert, IALD, Switzerland; Surbhi Jindal, Associate IALD, India; moderated by Martina Frattura, Jr. IALD, and Chiara Carucci, IALD Associate, LIRC Steering Committee.
This event will be held live at Light ‘in Agora’ and live-streamed by IALD to our LIRC audience worldwide and by media partners [d]arc and arc magazines.
Join us on 19th April 2023 at 7 pm CET to find YOUR light.”

*Formed in 1996, the Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC) exists to provide a framework within IALD for enhanced communication between professional lighting designers and manufacturers and to create an environment conducive to the collaborative improvement of products, services, business practices and lighting design education.*