Skira to illuminate the Roman Theatre

Construction has started this summer on one of the most important heritage projects in Croatia

Roman Theatre

The  Roman Theatre is one of the largest and most significant ancient monuments of the city of Pula. Until about ten years ago, it was used as one of the main city places for cultural activities, but due to damage that was stopped.

These valuable archaeological remains are located in the city centre. Only the stage foundations and a part of the semi-circular viewing area remained preserved.

After the completion of the project, this site will be recognised as an example of excellence in the conservation and reconstruction of cultural heritage. The renovated Roman Theatre and its integration with the adapted and extended building of the Archaeological Museum of Istria, which incorporates a multimedia glass façade, will be an excellent and unique location for the most attractive cultural and tourism programmes.

The project should be completed by May 10, 2022. Upon completion of the works, the Roman Theatre will be able to hold about 2,000 visitors.

Skira is proud to illuminate this significant project and is looking forward to inaugurating the architectural lighting solution together with the architect Emil Jurcan and the investor Archeological Museum of Istria. Our lighting design solution aimed to be adaptable and sustainable according to the future use of the site.