Skira wins Darc Award for Zerostrasse

Lighting design of Zerostrasse in Pula has won the prestigious DARC award in London. The award ceremony took place in London, with Skira winning the Darc award for the best urban and landscape lighting design in the Spaces – High Budget – category. The Zerostrasse underground network of tunnels, built in the Pula city centre during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was fully renovated last year under the direction of architect Breda Bizjak and is used as a pedestrian zone with a central gallery and an elevator to the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. The underground space, which was a shelter during the world war, now is a new attraction and is used as a shortcut to get from one side of the town to another.

Skira-Zerostrasse-foto Jana Jocif (22) (2)