NIME – winner of iF design award 2021!

NIME, the invisible, yet tangible lighting instrument designed by Dean Skira for Delta Light
is the winner of iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the category of product design/lighting!
Very proud of this result and the whole team.
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As longtime friends of Oris, we wouldn’t miss participating in Friends for Oris exhibition.

Nime designed by Dean Skira for Delta Light poster will be displayed at the House of Architecture from 4th June until 31st July 2020.

This friendly event is to show long-lasting relations and mutual support in the international architecture community.

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We are proud to present the latest design by Dean Skira for Delta Light.

Nime reveals the perfect light according to Dean’s vision. It’s an object of desire for lighting connoisseurs.⠀

Nime emphasizes the points of interest in your surroundings in the most subtle yet powerful way. It is a state of art precision lighting solution.

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